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DRIVER_POWER_STATE_FAILURE on wireless drivers


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I am having the same problem with two different laptops. The first laptop started showing the problem about the time I added MBAM and MBAE to the machine. The wireless connection would intermittently show internet unavailable or appear to be disabled. Rebooting would usually fix the problem bit sometimes I would have to manually re-enable the wireless adapter.

I have had the same problem with the laptop's (Toshiba S75 Dt-A7330) internal wireless adapter and with an ASUS external 802.11ac USB adapter. I tried as many things I could think of to help the problem but to no avail. The only way I could work around the issue is to install a 802.11ac wireless ethernet bridge and use the ethernet RJ-45 connection to access the internet.

Since I have changed to this configuration I have had no further problems with the internet connection on the Toshiba laptop. The story would end here but I bought a new laptop for my oldest son as a Christmas gift and while setting it up the same problem showed itself again after I loaded MBAM and MBAE. The new laptop is an ASUS X555 with an internal 801.ac wireless adapter. 

This new laptop's wireless connection is behaving exactly like the problem that I have had with my personal Toshiba laptop. Both laptops are running Windows 10 home 64 bit and the Toshiba is totally stock except for the hard drive being replaced by a 1TB Crucial SSD.

At this point I plan to enter the names of the wireless drivers as exceptions in the AE configuration and see if that fixes the problem. Has anyone else had similar problems or is this a known problem?


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Hello EdAinWestOC,

Unfortunately anti-exploits exclusions are only able to take the md5 of the program that we are blocking to allow it through our program. So if anti-exploit is the root cause of this, you would not be able to exclude the wireless drivers like that. Just for more information, have you tried un-installing anti-exploit and see if the issue stopped? You mentioned you loaded both programs on to both laptops when this issue occurred so I want to eliminate if it is anti-exploit,  anti-malware, or both. 

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Yes...I uninstalled AE from the new laptop shortly after I posted this thread. As of this writing I have not had any additional wireless connection problems.

I plan on leaving the laptop in this configuration for at least a full day and if it makes it through a 24 hour period without wireless connection issues, I think we have an answer. 

I looked at the drivers that are loaded on the ASUS laptop and they appear to be the same drivers that were loaded on the Toshiba laptop (I cannot tell for sure because I do not have the Toshiba laptop drivers written down with date and verion info). The names are the same.


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This may or may not be relevant.

Cumulative Update for Windows 10 Version 1511 for x64-based Systems (KB3172985) appears to be causing internet connection issues. My Ethernet failed after installing this update but was OK on restart.

Issue acknowledged by Microsoft

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