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AuslogicsDiscDefrag a PUP??


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I run scans with MBAM Premium ( just about every day on my Windows 7 Prof. 64-bit desktop computer.  The scan always comes up clean.  Yesterday and today, it suddenly identified 10 PUPs, all related to AuslogicsDiscDefrag.  My instructions are that MBAM should warn me but do nothing.  I have had Auslogics Disc Defrag on my computer for more than four years, and MBAM has never had a problem with it until yesterday.  This makes me think the warning is a false positive.  I tried to follow the instructions about a developer's log, but although I followed the instructions to run mbam.exe /developer I see no sign of a developer's log.  I'm attaching today's second scan (the one I did after indicating that the computer should run mbam.exe /developer).  The instructions also say I should attach the file that mbam detected.  There are TEN files, all PUPs.  I'm not quite sure whether I need to attach them--some are folders, some are file, and one is a Registry Key (I have no idea how I would attach that).

I'm hoping you'll simply tell me that this was an error on MBAM's part.


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That is not a false positive, not an error.

Malwarebytes has taken a firm hand finally to vendors that engage in unscrupulous practices such as bundling unwanted/dodgy software with downloads of otherwise useful programs, or engage in foistware, scareware, and other deceptive marketing tactics. Auslogics has been doing this for years with Disk Defrag. I used it without any problem until 2013, when a version upgrade to Disk Defrag installed Search Protect by Conduit, which changed my homepage and search engine and which prevented all attempts to undo these changes. Fortunately MBAM was able to remove Search Protect, and I uninstalled Disk Defrag.

Today, as a test, I downloaded the latest version of Disk Defrag. I did a Custom Installation, and unchecked the pre-checked options to change my homepage to Yahoo, and to make Yahoo my default search engine. These instructions were totally ignored - Auslogics went ahead and tried to make the changes anyway. It heavily bombarded me with warnings of a registry that needed cleaning, junk files that needed removing, and kept trying to get me to download BoostSpeed - basically a registry cleaner.

Basically there is nothing wrong with Disk Defrag per se. These new detections are essentially a judgement on Auslogics and its devious marketing practices. If you are using an old version of Disk Defrag (v. from 2013, or earlier) and never upgrade it, then you are OK and can ignore the PUP detections.


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Thanks very much, Joe, for your very interesting and helpful reply.  I had no idea that Auslogics had gone down that path.  As you guessed, the version I have is quite old (from 2012), so I never saw any of the behavior you described.  Now that I know about it, I will be sure not to update the program and may indeed get rid of it.  In the meantime, I'll tell MBAM to ignore the PUPs from Auslogics.

Again, many thanks!

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Hi guys :)


We added Auslogics Disc Defrag recently after we moved our listing criteria recently to be more aggressive on PUP's



If however you dont consider the detection to be valid then please at the end of a threatscan uncheck all related detection results and select remove all. This will generate a UI window where you can select add to ignore list and the detections will occur no more.


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