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2 threats detected

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On an usb samsung drive these 2 files which came with the drive are detected as threats by MalwareBytes which offers to Remove them....

Samsung_Drive_Manager.exe - Backdoor.Bot

Portable SecretZone.exe - Trojan.Injector

My AV/Security Suite, F-Secure 16.3 does not flag these as problematic.

Unsure as to what to do, if they are genuine threats, should I let MalwareBytes deal with them? Could they have caused problems elsewhere on my system (Windows 7 64 bit)?

I'd be very grateful for any help and/or advice.


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Hi and thanks for responding,

I checked using virustotal, only MalwareBytes found an issue with Samsung_Drive_Manager.exe and both MalwareBytes and Jiangmin found issue with Portable SecretZone.exe.

Does that mean I'm good to go and and it's possible that both MalwareBytes and Jiangmin results are false-positives on these?



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It was suggested via pm that I post the urls for the virustotal results in order that MalwareBytes may fix things on their end.....




Note that I didn't quite get the same results in a new scan via virustotal, there were some timeouts, MalwareBytes were the same as the first scan however!


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