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Acer v3-731 bios password problems cant boot from cd


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Hello, i have this Acer v3-731 computer with windows 8 operating system and i bought this as used but it seems that the bios is password protected so i cant really boot it from cd/dvd drive. I would like to install a new operating system "windows 7" to this computer but i cant because of the bios password. I can get the boot menu when i boot the computer but the only option it gives is to boot from the hard-drive... I have tried some things but i just want to ask is there any easy way to boot this computer from cd? It seems to be so hard at the moment... I have tried to get that lock code of the bios by entering the wrong password three times to get the code and put it to that site which gives the correct password then but without the code it wont work... and all i get when i put the password wrong three times is a system halt message and then just a black screen. Anyways good night to everyone and i hope someone can help...

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Often there's a key to continually keep pressing at startup to be able to boot from CD/DVD etc, this can be F12, F7, F8 (mine's F7) so you could try that first then choose CD as boot device.

The other option would be to unplug pc, remove any USB devices plugged into it & remove the cmos battery, if a laptop also remove the laptop battery, then leave it for an hour - some say 30 minutes so you could try that time first.

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