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MBAM Premium and anti-ransomware question?

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I have MBAM Premium for some years now and would like to have an anti-ransomware program running alongside MBAM but have no clue if MBAM Premium will also protect me from these critters.  I believe that CryptoPrevent is one such (free) software.

Now I don't know if these 2 would play together nicely or would you suggest something else.  I believe to have read that MBAM Premium in the future will protect me from ransomware but I'd like something right now and for free.    TIA

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Hello @abuela

Malwarebytes will work with CryptoPrevent. The program CryptoPrevent was a good (tool / method) of helping to prevent some of the earlier encryption attacks but now days most have learned means and methods to bypass that as well. As for using the beta, it's just like using the Malwarebytes you currently have. You download it from the link provided in the topic @Firefox linked you to. Then run the installer and if you have a licensed version of MBAM go ahead and activate the beta with your current license information and you'll then have all of that protection included.

If you need further assistance please let us know.



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Advancedsetup, thank you for your reply, but as I said in my previous post that I am not savvy enough.  That applies to all BETAS.  I have only 1 PC and additionally have acquired memory and cognitive impairments.  So I'll be waiting until the (new) MBAM product is ready to be released to the general public. 

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