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"New Beta Version is available" pop-ups


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I signed up for the beta Ransomware program back about the time it was first made available.  I'm assuming that all is well, since I've had no problems - except for this:

A couple months or so ago, an update was announced, which I immediately installed.  Ever since then, I keep getting pop-ups announcing that a new beta version is available.  I can proceed to install it (which I just did about five minutes ago), and literally within seconds, I get the same pop-up.  If I just close the pop-up window, it goes away for a random length of time, but returns, usually within the hour.

Last week, just for grins, I went ahead and did the "install" five times in a row.  When the same pop-up appeared the sixth time, I just gave up.

Is this a known issue, or does this install - which appears to complete normally - interfere with other software?  I have (licensed) MBAM, Avast, Threatfire, and SpyBot; I get no error messages from any of them, either as this is happening, or when I run scans with those apps.

No rush - it's not stopping anything from happening; it's just a minor annoyance.  I'm running Win10 on an HP laptop, less than six months old.  Any ideas or suggestions would be appreciated.

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Hello deebeard and :welcome:

Using the native Windows built-in zip utility, please create the following .zip (not .7z or .rar) archive file for MBARW developer team analysis:


Please attach the .zip archive to your next reply.  Thank you for your beta testing contribution to the Malwarebytes Anti-Ransomware (MBARW Beta) project and your valued feedback.

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This is a perfect example of why I hate these forums and rarely find any help in them:

1) Someone writes a very clear and understandable issue they are having (which is the same one I am having)

2) Rather than resolve the question, an administrator shows up and finds something about the help request that defines it as a different category than what its in and moves it without posting the link to where it has moved to and finally

3) A completely enlightened DOS God appears from a vape cloud and, because he or she is so fully evolved, forget that these questions are being asked forum style so that other can use their answers and proceeds to demand, in a language that looks like English and sounds like English but brother-it ain't English, that the user beginture and explain "It seems _____ may be your issue but I would like to confirm that by looking over your computer files. Can you please go here and do this etc" so that when someone with the same problem comes along they might actually find some type of resolution to their problem rather than just a waste of two hours tracking down similar posts, watching them be moved and then try and figure out what R2D2 just said.  Instead you've got hundreds and hundreds of these right here.

 Its so frustrating too because a legitimate issue -that pop up nag screen to update the beta version of Anti-Ransom  is incredible annoying intrusive and so yeah the question is filed correctly and one person has had their files checked for......something and the rest of us search on. God forbid a company create a user file for their software and Heaven forbid someone answer another s questions rather than use this site for their own self aggrandizement or amusement.

  Sorry to be so grouchy but I am SO sick of Admin and Power users doing everything BUT resolve issues. Its like being injured and going to the hospital just to be moved to another hospital and there have test run on you but thats it!

    If anybody sees this and knows the answer will you please message me the link to it or something? Thank you!

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Well, that was a fun one, wasn't it?  To anybody upset that I haven't been able to follow up, my apologies.  The response from the support people was very prompt and, had I been able to follow the clear instructions, might have served a purpose.

"What about that?"  Well, 'what about that' is simply that, when one has a life-threatening situation with a loved on in the house, one does not have time to worry about a minor inconvenience like a pop-up.  Before anybody starts getting an attitude, consider that there might be things going on which you know nothing about, but which pre-empt any computer problem.  You run your mouth when you don't know what's going on, and all you do is make yourself look like a total jerk.

I have no idea what the issue is with drnstvns . . I found the responses to my inquiry to be very simply stated, and the instruction - as near as I can tell - couldn't be easier to follow.  As I said, there are other reasons that I've not been able to follow the steps described, and most likely I won't - because for some reason, the original pop-up issue has suddenly stopped occurring. 

Again, thank you immensely to the support crew - I really do appreciate your response being so quick and clearly worded.  I know y'all have to put up with some really cranky folks; I've been doing that professionally for 35 years as a technical engineer for a major world-wide technology company, so I understand fully . . .

Again, Folks - thanks immensely!


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