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Windows 7 Shutdown time is long


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57 minutes ago, Raven99 said:



I'm having the same issue with Win7 shutdown/restart. I have to first manually stop mb3service before I can shut down. Started a couple of weeks ago.

I tried a clean install and, as with conehead, I shut down successfully once, then the problem returned.

Interesting, so yours started before the update that Conehead mentioned. Would you mind following these instructions that were posted above so we can see the logs? Thanks!

On 11/20/2016 at 0:16 AM, 1PW said:

Using the native Windows built-in zip utility, please create the following, separate, .zip (not .7z or .rar) archive files for MBARW developer team analysis:

                                 "C:\ProgramData\Malwarebytes\Malwarebytes Anti-Ransomware\"

Please attach the .zip archives to your next reply.  Thank you for your beta testing contribution to the Malwarebytes Anti-Ransomware (MBARW Beta) project and your valued feedback.


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Thanks @Raven99, we're looking into this now.

Also, can you clarify one more thing please. If you try to shutdown with MB3service still running, does the computer never shutdown, or does it just take a long time?


We're hearing from some people that excluding ARW from Microsoft Security Essentials is stopping this from happening, can you try that out please?

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in answer to your question, shutdown takes about 5 minutes.

If I disable the real-time protection in Microsoft Security Essentials, then the issue disappears, and shutdown is fast again!

I tried creating exclusions in MSE but that did not help. I excluded mb3service.exe and mbarw.exe , both as file-exclusions and process-exclusions, and also the folders

c:\program files\malwarebytes\anti-ransomware\   and   c:\programdata\malwarebytesARW\


It seems like maybe MSE is only applying the exclusions to scans and not to real-time protection.

Maybe I should switch to a different antivirus. Thanks.

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