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Outlook blocked by Malwarebytes Pro

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Back with a very similar issue as first time I posted here & exactly same resolution.

Malwarebytes Pro is blocking Outlook 2013 access to Microsoft Exchange Server, actually disconnecting it and not allowing re-connection.

As many will be aware, Microsoft is migrating all Hotmail, Live & Outlook accounts to their Office365 servers.  This has triggered something in Malwarebytes & it is blocking access.  It is EVEN blocking browser access to Outlook.com accounts intermittently!  So that the browser, any browser will return a "This web page not accessible" or similar when trying to access Outlook.com sign in page, or sometimes you can sign in and then it will block access to the actual email page.

How do I KNOW it's Malwarebytes?  Because I SPENT THREE ENTIRE &*%$% DAYS trying EVERY other solution I could think of including every solution I could find through Google searches including uninstalling and reinstalling Office!  Which has broken integration with 2 other software packages I rely on so I will have to uninstall & reinstall those as well. 

Then I FINALLY realized I should try exiting Malwarebytes just see what would happen.

So, I exited Malwarebytes & within a few seconds Outlook connected to Microsoft Exchange Server & downloaded my mail.  I also had immediate access through all my web browsers.  Loaded Malwarebytes back up & with a short while everything was again blocked.  Exited Malwarebytes & again, immediate access & connection, over and over, same result.

There's something about Office365.com that Malwarebytes doesn't like and it blocks it.  Once again the offending module is "Malicious Website Protection".  I've figured out, again, that if I disable Malicious Website Protection all is well, Outlook connects to Microsoft Exchange & I have access through browsers.  If I re-enable "Maliciouse Website Protection"  Outlook is disconnected from Microsoft Exchange & browsers are unable to navigate to Outlook on the Web.

I'm not asking for assistance. 

I have no intention of submitting 47 logs, fiddling with this or that setting or uninstalling/re-installing anything further.  I know what the problem is, and this time it is NOT Bitdefender.  It IS Malwarebytes Pro Malicious Website Protection.  Just like it was when both my wife's computer & my computer suffered TCP/IP BSOD after BSOD until I traced the problem to a conflict between Malwarebyte Pro Malicious Website Protection & Bitdefender. 

Anyway, in both cases, disabling Malwarebytes Pro Malicious Website Protection FIXED THE PROBLEM.

What I AM asking is that Malwarebytes put out a fix for this ASAP. 

Don't pretend it's just an isolated problem, or it's just a handful of reports, or ask people to jump through a myriad of hoops in some misguided attempt to "fix" something only Malwarebytes can fix. 

Just F.I.X. it!

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1. Lose the attitude Mr. Potato Head.  I don't play well with others who "come at me" with an attitude.

2. If Malwarebytes honestly NEEDS a log file, they can ask me directly & if I can I'll provide it to them.

3. After reading my original post, do you honestly believe that I haven't tried just about every permutation of White List listings possible?!?!?  Including different iterations of the same listing e.g., "Office365.com", "www.Office365.com", "https://www.Office365.com".  Also tried whitelisting outlook.exe, Office15 folder, etc.  Using both Web Exclusions & Malware Exclusions.............The list goes on.

None of that works.  It will delay the lockdown for up to several hours but it will not stop it......."Quite Easily" or otherwise.

4. I believe Malwarebytes knows about this problem.  I also believe they can reproduce it in their labs, if they choose to

5. I'm not going to get sucked into "Trying to discover what's causing this".  I've made Malwarebytes aware of the problem, now it's their turn.

Just F.I.X it

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Our Outlook still will not connect.  Cannot get to Office 365 webmail.  We support hundreds of clients and our phones are ringing off the hook.  Current version:  1.0.1968  - Still no connectivity even with MalwareBytes shut off! 

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