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MBAE blocks Firefox


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Over the last few days (since about 6 December), several people have reported in the Google Chrome support forum that they can't open Chrome. I have the same problem - on two different machines. It isn't just Chrome - Internet Explorer won't open either. However, Firefox, Opera and Edge work fine.

Someone has just posted a fix - stop Malwarebytes Anti-Exploit. So, I stopped MBAE and sure enough, Chrome and Internet Explorer work again. Like everyone else here, I am running Kaspersky. Can you advise please. Thanks in anticipation.

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Just to say that the 'released' MBAE is also stopping my Firefox from running on a PC with Webroot AV.  If I Exclude Firefox from MBAE then Firefox works OK.  If I disable Webroot AV for a few minutes Firefox works OK with MBAE with Firefox protection 'enabled.

Chrome works OK  with MBAE & Webroot AV active.

Sounds similar situation to with Kaspersky.

I will try the MBAE build above to see if it helps with my MBAE and Webroot report back.




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Hi Arthi

Yes, the download worked and I was able to load all the various browsers - at least it did work for a couple of days. This morning I've come in to find a message from BBAE on the screen (my computer runs 24/7 doing varous scheduled backup tasks) saying "The Malwarebytes Anti-Exploit service is taking too long to start. Please reboot your computer to restart protection."  I rebooted, but it made no difference - the message is still in front of me.  I did notice a message in Action Centre informing me that there were updates last night - perhaps a change by Microsoft has upset the apple cart?



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