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[Please Help] I uninstalled trotux malware,But still I get Index of C:\ instead of homepage

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Chrome keeps opening Index of C:\Program Files (x86)\Google\Chrome\Application\54.0.2840.99\ instead of my selected bookmarks. 

Getting mad about this- I dont even remember all the stuff I tried , just the usual suggestions I found. The trotux website doesnt appear anymore, and the programs dont appear to detect any kind of threats. Please! help :D
*Uninstalled from the Control Panel
*AdwCleaner, Hitman pro, Chrome scanner, Malwarebytes, rKill
*Tried Reseting the browser settings, reinstalling, used ccleaner, deleted the google folder
*I deleted Trotux.com from registry somewhere I believe it said Help, the programs didnt touch the registry in any way, could this be a part of the issue?
*Also, the incognito mode doesnt work trough shortcut, new window or incognito opened from inside the chrome works and opens a new tab (Google search)
*Cleaning Cache didnt help
*Webpages are set correctly
*The shortcut doesnt have anything after chrome.exe"
*Also tried alternate instalation of chrome
*New profile didnt help either
*There are no new extensions
*Adding a profile and opening my own profile with chrome already launched results in opening the websites as they should
*Chrome canary didnt solve anything


Ive seen a similar topic but it said that it was specific for the user, I wonder if i can get this kind of help here, thanks in advance :)

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