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Malware and rootkits found twice


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Hello to who might help me answer my question.

I've scanned the 1st time and there was 400+ malwares and some rootkits on normal startup and just removed them, then i've decided to scan it on safe mode and 169 malware and rootkits appeared again. So is it possible the problem might replicate itself? I've just attached the two scan logs but don't know what else is needed so please pardon my ignorance if i didn't attach required text.

1st scan log.txt

2nd scan log.txt

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Hello @Darrell and :welcome:

Normally one would never run MBAM in Safe Mode unless it just would not run as it is running at a much lower level of ability in Safe Mode.

Are you 100% certain you told MBAM to remove them. The logs shows that you did not have MBAM remove the found threats.

Please run a new Threat Scan with MBAM. If you're unable to run or complete the scan as shown below, please see the following:
MBAM Clean Removal Process 2x
When reinstalling the program, please try the latest version.

Right click and choose "Run as administrator" to open Malwarebytes Anti-Malware and from the Dashboard please Check for Updates by clicking the Update Now... link
Open up Malwarebytes > Settings > Detection and Protection > Enable Scan for rootkit and Under Non Malware Protection set both PUP and PUM to Treat detections as malware.
Click on the SCAN button and run a Threat Scan with Malwarebytes Anti-Malware by clicking the Scan Now>> button.
Once completed please click on the History > Application Logs and find your scan log and open it and then click on the "copy to clipboard" button and post back the results on your next reply.

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