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Malwarebytes caught sleeping?

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My PC was experiencing a rather sluggish internet connection yesterday morning and I noticed before I went to bed at 10:30 am (I work 6pm-6am for the railroad) that internet connection was starting to get sporadic. Just thought it was due to high winds yesterday but when I got home, there was no connection. My service is thru Comcast; Cable, phone, net; and I called to have a reset done. No change and full signals from all 3. I checked the lines and splitters  I checked the lines from the splitter box on the power line, the box for the entire block is directly behind my garage, to the house. No corrosion, splits or broken connections. Finally I checked my PC settings. I ran the troubleshooter programs and it found nothing. Checked drivers; nothing. Checked settings and found the LAN/proxy settings were changed, the Windows permissions were changed and so was the auto-config. for home network was changed. Reset them and restarted the PC, but nothing helped. I ran MalwarebytesPRO and it found nothing. So, as I usually do when I think there still might be something there, I ran Windows Defender. It Did find something: Ransom: JS TechBrolo. I checked to make sure it was quarantined then restarted the PC. As soon as it loaded I had internet connection and all settings were back to normal.  Please have your techs check as to How & Why it got passed MB-PRO.

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Just a side note --- The only sites I went to over the last few days was my Yahoo email and Facebook. I opened 2 stories on FB. 1 was about a US Army I.E.D. Field Tech and the other about a Police Officer and the 14 y/o kid who's life he saved and is now a cadet for the same police dept. It might have been hidden in one of those video on FB.

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Hello @J_townSonny

The only way we'd be able to track it down would be for you to restore the file. Then zip it up in a zip file. Then quarantine it again. Then send us the zip file.

But best we also get some logs from your system to review.


Please read the following and post back the 3 requested logs as an attachment.
Diagnostic Logs

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