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Outlook attachments causing "Exploit payload from UNC blocked"

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When in Outlook, clicking "Attach File," browsing, then clicking on the "Desktop" shortcut, Outlook is closed and Malwarebytes Anti-Exploit reports that an "Exploit Payload from UNC Blocked."

Detailed steps to replicate:

  1. Open Outlook (occurs with both 2013 and 2016)
  2. Create a new email.
  3. Click "Attach Files," (then "Browse this PC..." if in Outlook 2016)
  4. Click on the "Desktop" shortcut. (Navigating to the C:\Users\<username>\Desktop folder does not cause the problem; only clicking the shortcut does.)
  5. Outlook is immediately force-closed, and the user is presented with the dialog box in Attachment-1.png. (The "file/process blocked" is an EXE on a UNC share, that has been redacted for security reasons. The EXE is *not* a running program, but has been run by that computer in the past.)
  6. The user may then be prompted with the dialog box in Attachment-2.png. (The "following exploit file..." appears to be a randomly selected file located local to the computer. In both instances where I've seen this message, it's a PDF file. It is not the same file as in Attachment-1.png.)
  7. If the user has full permissions to the UNC share, the file from Attachment-1.png is removed from the server and quarantined.

Additionally, in the process of creating this post, I had the same thing happen from within Google Chrome when I tried attaching the picture.

Anti-Exploit is version on all affected computers.

This behavior was first noticed today (11/17/2016). The first report came in at 8:59 AM CST (2:59 PM UTC).

Any advice? Is this a new behavior in Anti-Exploit that is going awry?



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The problem resolved itself overnight. The affected machines are no longer exhibiting the described behavior.

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Please contact me.  We have seen same error only on an .ico file that is being checked via GP.  Just started showing up in the last couple days only on certain machines.

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