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Unmanaged - Need advice on install

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Hi everyone,

We have a small network and have purchased 10 business licenses.  We want to use unmanaged as we do not have a Win Server or SQL installed.  I unzipped the files and am not sure how to do this?  Do I copy the folder with the executables to each computer and install from there?  We are on Windows so of course will leave the Mac executables alone.

Do we click the Windows installer package or the Application version of each of the files below?
Is there a way to install all of these at once?  Or do you need to do one at a time on each machine?
Also, do need to copy all these to each machine and install one at a time on every machine?

It looks like there are executables for:
Do we need all of these?



Thanks for the help.

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Hi labrojri. Just to let you know, the managed version comes with a free SQL Express install for smaller deployments, don't be afraid to use this version if you want it :) It just gives you a central place to install, scan machines and act on infection results.

Otherwise, if you are licensed for Anti-Malware and Anti-Exploit then mbam-setup and mbae-setup are your installers.

MBAR is a standalone tool freely available for everyone, it is meant to scan for rootkits, this is not an everyday sort of scan, only to be used if you suspect a rootkit on the endpoint.

MBARW is a newly released product having a soft launch right now, you are free to install if you'd like; to help better stay safe from ransomware, I would definitely leverage this product in the environment.

Check out these videos from our KB area for how to install the standalone unmanaged products...



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