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Add option to password protect License Details?


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Last year I raised the issue of the license details being uncomfortably constantly exposed. Iirc, the response was that the option to password protect the license details, so that one would need to enter the correct password before they can be viewed (unlike now where you can only configure Access Policy to required to enter password if license details are to be changed), was on the agenda, but that was the last I heard about it. Constantly exposed license details is a problem, because it aides theft and abuse. I recall that formerly part of the license details were by standard blocked out if you accessed the account page within MBAM. I assume Malwarebytes changed that to reduce the number of helpdesk calls by the people who had forgotten their license details. I understand that, but I'd appreciate it a lot if us users who know what we are doing, to have the option to add an Access Policy for the entire My Account section.


Thank you.

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In case staff is reading, just noticed that the feature is added (am not using Malwarebytes yet, still on MBAM, but just read the change log). Thank you very much.


On 29-11-2016 at 11:26 PM, Aura said:

If they are saved I really hope that they'll be encrypted, salted, etc.

That's a good point. Any staff reading able to clarify?

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On 1/11/2017 at 6:30 AM, PaulAllen said:

Whats the point please of having the keys there to read on a dash anyway? Surely it would be better just to not display them and the only time to see them is when you enter the licence number and key if you have both.

Just curious 

Mostly it's useful if the user has multiple license keys installed across multiple systems or if they are planning to move their existing license from one system to another or reformat/reinstall their OS.  In all of these cases, having easy access to their license info makes things much simpler that way they don't have to worry about tracking down an email (which might be years old, especially if they have a lifetime license key) or having to contact whoever they purchased their license from (Cleverbridge, a reseller etc.).

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