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Windows 10 Issue with Premium


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Windows 10 Home version 1607:  Last update 11/11/2016

Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Premium  v2016.11.12.02

Malwarebytes Anti-Exploit Premium  v1.09.1.1235     Using Windows 10 Firewall & Defender;  NO other firewalls or security software installed.

NOTE:  I already followed the COMPLETE instructions in the  pinned "Windows 10 Issues" at the top.

ONLY the "Browsers" are protected when you look in the "Shields" tab (closed locks).  From "Adobe Acrobat" down to "QuickTime" Player have OPEN "locks" & are NOT protected which is verified with NO "notification" or "logs".  It's as if I was running the "Free" version versus "Premium".  It was curious that after uninstalling mbae, rebooting, & verifying that there were NO Program folders, my license was still listed--I didn't have to re-enter it.  TIA

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Hello Riadershog,


Can you try un-installing the program again and then using the clean tool found here to make sure all the associated files are completely removed?


Once you do that, reboot the computer and do a re-install with the link you used before. After you install it should ask you to activate again. Activate and see if you still have that issue. 

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THANKS, Rsullinger,, I WAS looking for a "Clean Patch"; however, it should be noted that when you "Quoted" pbust's "pinned" FAQ post, the hot link wasn't copied.  For those following this thread, the "Clean Patch" link can be found in pbust's pinned "Frequently Asked Questions" discussion topic #28.


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Follow-up FYI:

Today, after a full boot-up, I noticed that mbae wasn't giving me those pop-ups when I accessed Edge, Chrome, Word, or Excel.  The "log" had NO entries.  After I performed my other morning tasks, I went ahead & did a "reboot" to see if THAT would fix the issue.  After a reboot I was "back in business".  I had "pop-ups" & "log entries" after accessing both the Edge & Chrome browsers as well as when I opened a Word, Excel, & pdf file.  To be honest, I had similar issues which included  mbae NOT starting in my laptop running VISTA as well as my now "dead & buried" 7 year-old desktop running Windows 7.  These issues all occurred after installing mbae version 1235; HOWEVER, I NEVER had the pop-up & log issues in VISTA or Windows 7--so far.  Of course, now I will never know about Windows 7 since I only now have VISTA to access.

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