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My mouse will not stop loading. My computer has been slow for some odd reason. And when I get into my task manager I see tons of "Java (TM) Web Starter" things and then freezes up. And just today I upgraded everything in my computer having a 980ti graphics card, and i7 6700k, with 16 ram and still slow. I need some help please.

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Reboot into Safe Mode.
Go to;  "C:\Program Files\Java" ( and possibly "C:\Program File (x86)\Java" as well  )
And then into any/all  JRExxxxx\bin  folders  ( example: C:\Program Files\Java\jre1.8.0_60\bin )
Rename;  javaws.exe  to; javaws.exe.BAK
Reboot into Normal Mode.
Then go to;  Control Panel --> "Programs and Features"
Remove all versions of Oracle Java.
If you have a need or still want Oracle Java, reinstall/install Java v8 update 112 .

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