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MBAE and Sandboxie


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In researching a log entry about winrar this thread was found.  http://www.wilderssecurity.com/threads/malwarebytes-anti-exploit.354641/page-58.  In that thread it is stated, "MBAE cannot fully protect a program running in SBIE".  Yet, the thread is old and it may be countered by the "injection" code added to Sandboxie configuration in section [Template_MBAE] and the newer MBAE release.

So, is running IE11 in a sandbox (Sandboxie) preventing MBAE from fully protecting IE11?  

An MBAE log entry "Internet Explorer (and add-ons) is now protected." is added whenever IE11 is run in a sandbox.

Pertinent software
Webroot SecureAnywhere
Emsisoft Internet Security
MBAE Premium
Sandboxie 5.14 64 bit
Windows 10 Pro 64-bit

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The full comment:


"Choose one or the other" is this because MBAE cannot fully protect a program running in SBIE, or just to complicated to setup?

reads to me as a question, not a statement.

While running Sandboxie and MBAE in the current state with the template isn't ideal with the manual injection of the dll, the protections are applied for a shielded app. However due to the extra sandboxie layer in the mix you might encounter more 'false positives' such as I do when running Minecraft under Sandboxie and trying to join a multiplayer server and getting a constant java exploit blocked alert where it then closes minecraft... I haven't seen this with anything but the java rules on my end but I won't say it can't happen with any of the others either.

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