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MBAE causing startup delays

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Hello Xirw,


Can you describe the startup delays that you are seeing? Are you referring to the starting up of the computer or the starting up to the programs? Also, have you tried un-installing or disabling the protection to confirm it is our program causing this on the machine? 

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I agree with you 100%.  Before making such a statement, I wanted to make sure I wasn't suffering from the "nocebo effect".  After testing RC1 (before the official version was released), I thought there was slowdown in desktop start-up, but I wasn't 100% sure.  I therefore uninstalled RC1 and could sense my desktop start-up was "much quicker".  I then reinstalled 1.75 - I didn't really notice a slowdown in start-up - It must have had a minimal impact on start-up or at least it was unnoticeable.  When MBAM 2.0.1 was released recently, I thought I'd give it another whirl - and this time I was 100% convinced that MBAM 2x causes a slow down in my desktop start-up. 


I'm running W7 x64.  Although for me, MBAM is not the first program that appears on my taskbar in start-up.  Its the last program and it takes the icon a while to appear (possibly up to 5 seconds after all other icons have appeared - I never timed it with a stop-watch, but it definitely takes a few seconds more to load and appears to hold-up the entire desktop from being ready to use).  For example, I also noticed the "network connection" icon takes much longer to "establish a connection" - It appears to wait for the MBAM icon to load first before it can establish a connection.  I even experimented with delaying MBAM 2.X at start-up by 15 seconds in advanced settings, but it appeared this did not make any difference.  Without MBAM 2 installed, the network connection establishes a connection with the Internet fairly quickly.

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