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suggestion - stop scripts from running

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16 hours ago, David H. Lipman said:

You can not stop scripts from running.  It would break more software sub-systems than the user would like.

There is no Thor virus.  There is a Thor variant of the Locky Ransomware which is a trojan, not a virus.

you could have fooled me

all my files are scrambled and now have the extension thor

many places on the internet call it the thor virus

virus trojan whatever dood my files are gone 

blocking scripts wont break anything if i can let them run when i want them to run

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It is a wide misconception that all malicious software are "viruses".  Viruses are one type of malware like trojans and exploits.  The overarching concept of all MALicious softWARE is "malware".

To be a virus the software has to have the ability to self replicate.  That is it has the ability to autonomously spread such as file to file, file to computer and computer to file by itself.

The Cryptographic Malware we see Today that encrypt files and hold them for ransom are all trojans.  They can not spread autonomously.  They need assistance and that comes in the form of a malicious actor crafting Social Engineering email or a web site that gets you do launch an email attachment or download a file.  The Thor is just a variant in a family of ransomware known as "Locky" and they are all trojans, not viruses.  That means if you become infected with a Locky ransomware trojan there is no possibility that your infected platform will infect other platforms.  The victim's platform is the end point.

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Yes... The data files will be affected IFF the device is available as a Drive Letter ( e.g; "F:" ) at the time the trojan is encrypting files. 

However any media that is Random-Read/Random-Write and is available as a Drive Letter at that time, does not  become a carrier of the infection.  That is the media may have its files encrypted but moving that drive to another platform will not cause that subsequent platform to become a victim of the ransomware.


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