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zippyshare being blocked


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I use zippyshare allot and i have not had any problems.  I also scan every file before opening.  I tried to do an exclusion but was not successful.  Please provide step by step directions on how I can do an exclusion so I can get all zippyshare links.  TY

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Thanks Mod.  I have a Paid Copy of Malwarebytes and tried to do the exclusion but it is not taking.  Please tell me step by step...I tried the direction multi times.. must be doing something wrong. Still can't get to site.  Attachments ....





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I was able to get to one link (after i deleted all cache and cookie in FireFox) all other give me 404 or attachment.  I also run no scripts, could this be hanging me up ?


is there a way to allow me to go to all zippyshare links nto only by domain.  Please provide all steps.  TY

malware 2JPG.JPG

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Thanks for your help MysteryFCM the exclusion works great. 

You are correct as soon as I was able to get links some malware attemtps started but they were blocked by Malwarebytes (not zippy links) and Noscripts.  Zippy has not done this to me before so thanks for Malewarebytes and your help.  I would tell all to load up your system if you try zippyware and move cautiously. 

Thanks again


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@ minor:
I have exactly the same problems with zippyshare, despite putting in the exclusions:



The ONLY way I can enter zippyshare is if I turn off Malwarebytes, which is becoming somewhat annoying now, considering I use zippy as file storage for many of my old folders.

PLEASE someone fix this. It's driving me insane :(

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