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javaws *32 infection from wurmclient?

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When searching to play a game, i came across this website. On the landing page (http://www.wurmonline.com/) there was this normal looking
play button. This did not seem anything out of normal at all so clicked it. imediately something started downloading on 
my computer. It felt abnormal to just download without even mentioning it, so i stopped the download. I did a quick search if there
was anything malicious related to this site, but no real mentions i found. So my thought was this may be the .exe required to run this game. at this point I
think i must have continued the dowload (wurmclient (.jnlp)).

From the moment it was on my pc i got this pop-up of an out dated java. the window looked somewhat strange to me
with the logo of an alarm that looked dodgy. So, in my taskmanager i looked and the proces was named "Javaws.exe *32". Believe this could be an infection for what i found online.
I haven't touched the pop-up yet.

what are the steps i have to take now? What information should i provide? Should i alarm this website now somewhere somehow? Excuse my bad english.


Thanks much in advantage for any help.

Java update needed.png

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It is a Java based game.  It uses a Java Networking Launch Protocol ( JNLP ) file to start the Java Run-time Environment ( JRE ) [ wurmclient.jnlp ]

"Javaws.exe *32" means you have the 32bit version of the Java Run-time Environment on a 64bit Operating System ( OS ).

Oracle JRE is now at Version 8 update 112  (aka; version 8u112 )

If you want to play this 'net game, remove old versions of JRE from the Control Panel applet "Programs and Features" and then download and install JRE v8u112




Edited by David H. Lipman
Edited for clarity, spelling and grammar
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Ok, so nothing malicious about this at all? this cannot be a rogue, since it looked so odd.. no obvious way to close the pop-up (not even via the taskbar)
that and a google searched showed some results of a virus showing up with that name.
It just had a strange feel to it, but i may very well be too paranoia about this.

thanks much for the fast response!

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I didn't see anything malicious.  It is just a Java Applet based Network Game.

One must take care with Google searches.  You can find just as much misinformation as information and one must discriminate the faux and misleading results.

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