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malwarebyte-anti-rootkit scan problem at some point!

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problem no 1 #


Initializing ...


scanning drivers directory: C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM\drivers...

the scan at drivers directory is going slow


problem no 2 #


scanning Registry and directory date

 malwarebyte anti-rootkit tool it says "done" but noting is done while the tool is still going to scan at scanning Registry and directory date and still going for a while!

the scan process at scanning Registry and directory date still going there but there is no info to display of what anti-rootkit Currently scanned ...

the scan at scanning Registry and directory date also slow !

well . scanning Registry it is not shows what keys is being scanned ?

that also with directory date it is not shows what anti-rootkit is being scanned for?


problem no 3 #



Detected malware object . Uncheck items you want to keep intact . click "cleanup" to start removal.

when an malware items is found then I had to click on "cleanup" button and then I had to reboot my system as malware anti-rootkit asked me to do so .... after that I have ran another scan and the tool is still found the same malware and it look like both malwarebyte anti-malware and anti-rootkit is unable to removed this one ?! so the malwares keep coming back after removal !


problem no 4 #


scan finished: malware items detected

 I think that this text above cause some confusion ! and it should be like this one blow since the tool is for rootkit and not malware ?

scan finished: Rootkits items detected




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2 screenshot and more info
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