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MAM, MAE, MAR ? Enabled or Not....

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New to the forums as of today......

I now have full protection on this new win10 PC and am not sure if protection is enabled automatically based on the following criteria. Once I have set up, installed, entered licenses etc do I need (once PC has been booted) to open each of the programmes to ensure protection.? For example without my intervention MAE is always running and should I wish to disable' I just click 'Stop protection'. Does MAM and MAR require my intervention to run. (ie Open and Close). Of course I would have to open MAM to carry out a scan etc but I 'DO' have the 'Malware and Malicious website' buttons in 'enable' mode checked anyway.

Guidance appreciated,

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Thanks for reply. I have a few questions regards the settings and need to confirm these are correct. In MAW 'Advanced settings'  all are checked except for "Enable self protection module and greyed out "Enable self protection early start".

I also have the 'Delay Protection at startup for 15 seconds'......should I check or uncheck ??

Also in MAE Premium ....'Shields' section / column I have activated (locked padlock) on all the items that were listed that could not be 'locked' in the 'Free Version. Subsequently having paid up I can now lock them. Is this the correct procedure?

Many thanks,

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35 minutes ago, Sherlock said:

Just need an answer to 'Delay Protection at startup for 15 seconds'......should I check or uncheck ??

That depends on your computer, if MBAM (not MAW) is causing your computer to lock up at startup, then you can enable the startup delay, if you have no issues stay with the defaults. (here is a sample of the settings that work for me)

NOTE: I also have Enabled Self Protection on, this prevents malware or anyone messing with any Malwarebytes files.

Advanced Settings.jpg

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