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False Positive I had IOLO System mechanic Professional placed in Quarantine to day the Executive File.  Attached is the Zip file you request.  It quarantined it after I did a quick scan with system mechanic of my system.  System mechanic gave me three repairs 1. System clutter removal.  2. Registry error.  and a Network Boost. 



Malwarebytes Vs iolo.JPG

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Sorry already restored System Mechanic and ran test again.  After test the ransomware program didn't work after I fixed errors in System mechanic had reported again.  I removed Ransom ware through Windows and reinstalled.  It loaded up fine.  I ran test again with system works and system is running fine.  No problems with either program.  I did take clips of errors found with system mechanic 

Malwarebytes Vs iolo reg repair 2.JPG

Malwarebytes Vs iolo reg repair 3.JPG

Malwarebytes Vs iolo reg repair 4.JPG

Malwarebytes Vs iolo reg repair.JPG

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Guess System Mechanic broke our AntiRansomware program originally, if these are indeed "errors" while mbam Anti Ransomware was still installed. It shouldn't have deleted those keys.

This is one of the reasons why ALWAYS be careful with registry cleaners, as they can damage more than it fixes. As a matter of fact, cleaning registry keys won't improve system speed at all - on the contrary, as the registry becomes more fragmented because of that. On top, if it sees certain keys as errors (while they aren't), it can cause a lot of additional issues as well. Messing with the registry is never recommended, because a broken registry is a broken Windows.

This is also why Microsoft makes a mention of this: https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/kb/2563254

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