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Setup files are corrupted. please obtain a new copy of the program


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I am trying to install this sw:
Free Screen Video Recorder | Record video and audio for free

This is free screen video recording software.
But it not installing.
I am getting an error shown in attachment.

I have tried stuffs like re-downloading, deleting setup from temp folder, replacing setup present in temp folder..(I show it on youtube). But nothing worked!

After i got this error, I tried downloading a new software from other website.. but I am getting the same error again for that software too..?!
Is it a virus or malware?



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Hello Hobology and :welcome:

Before installing any software, (known to you or not) you may wish to get into the habit of vetting that software before you execute its installer.

Please consider sending the installer file in question, (or any future software that catches your fancy) to the following service, and in this case post the URL only for your resulting report in your next reply to this topic:

Thank you.

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Hello Hobology:

It is best if you learn the analysis procedure for yourself to be used now, and in the future.  Please try watching the following instructional video:

After VirusTotal.com has performed its file analysis, you may wish to post the URL of its results report in your next reply to this topic.

Thank you.

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I would by no means install that program as its malicious in nature.

See Results of a VirusTotal Scan >>HERE<<

SHA256: f1023cefc687a54234742774187e26f9280df4bc9f973225b50ce924855862c8 
File name: FreeScreenVideoRecorder_3.0.45.1027_d.exe
Detection ratio: 12 / 56 
Analysis date: 2016-10-28 18:46:33 UTC ( 0 minutes ago )

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