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Two of the four URLs you reported in the New IP Threat thread, including "jj-virus-alert.xyz", can't be found when searching "jj-virus-alert.xyz" site:malwarebytes.org on Google either. I don't think this is specifically a Malwarebytes Forum issue.

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Bug? I would not believe so. The forum runs under php and MySQL the same as the vast majority of forum sites on the Internet. MySQL does have its own quirks with searching to be sure. Now, the forum front-end might have some sort of limit or feature that is interfering with valid returned searches, but one would not expect Google to have that same issue as it does not perform searches anything like MySQL does. Google by default will drop certain duplicates without asking you, MySQL does not. When both Google and MySQL return no hits then one has to believe either the entry does not exist or is blocked, or hidden from indexing the data to return results. 

It's possible that this specific combination of search for characters in not unique enough for MySQL. By default they have a minimum of 4 characters and if the characters are the same as in double of any character it may not allow it.

Given that IPS is the only one with access to the backend of the system we will probably have to open a ticket and have them look into it further to see if there is any improvements that can be made, but your test data would need to changed to confirm search failures. General searches of larger words do not seem to have an issue being found by both IPS and Google.



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Not the same search. That is letters vs numbers. This would really take me hours of research and testing that currently I don't have time for. I've not dug into MySQL search now in probably over 5 years. Again, Google has the same data indexed. If IPS cannot locate it then Google should be able to. If neither one can access it then it's either not there or something is blocking the index.

The team is aware of your concern and I'll check with them what they want to do, but I've not relied on MySQL now for many years as Google just searches so much better in most cases.


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OK.  I concede.  I was wrong.

It is not a bug.  It is the result of a combination of;  MySQL, The Forum 'ware, what character is considered a delimiter and string search settings ( In this case 3 ). 

I have tried the search on multiple Forums and have had different results. dvk01 has explained the issue to me.  Some Forums do find the string search.  Another Forum only if the strings are contained within quotes.  On another you have to drop .COM and .XYZ for the string to be found.

In is not a case of letters vs numbers.   The hyphen and dot [ "-" and "." ] are not a searchable term and is either dropped or it is considered a delimiter.  Thus the phone number which has three or four numbers on either side of the hyphen meets the three character minimum,  The phone number consists of three groups of separate character strings each containing at least three characters.  On the other hand with the strings containing no numbers and just letters, the "jj" and "FE" are just two characters.  It does not meet the three character minimum and will cause the search to fail.  Tweaking the Forum is not worth it as the forum would also require a complete re-index based upon the new minimum character settings.  That would be ridiculous and unwieldy and it makes sense the minimum is set to 3.

Having not run a Web Forum and having the results work on a different forum suggested a faux conclusion on my part but dvk01 has set me straight.

Thank you for looking into this confusing matter.

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Thanks for the follow-up and thanks @dvk01 for helping David out. I know I've looked and worked with that data before but did not have links or verified data structure information to post as it's been at least 5 years since I've had to deal with MySQL search issues for another site and wasn't looking forward to digging into it again. :P


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