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Component Update Package: 1.0.0 ?


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Two related queries:

I just clicked on About in my MWARW (latest version and noticed:

Component Update Package: 1.0.0   Date Applied: 10/2/2016 ...

(1) What is this Package?

My wife and I both have Thinkpads running Windows 10 x64 Pro (latest versions).  However, on her PC I see:

Component Update Package: 1.0.0  Date Applied: 10/12/2016 ...

(2)  If this Package is at all important, why is there such a long 10-day difference in its delivery to our two PCs (10/2/2016 vs 10/12/2016)?

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Hello, ingber--

1.  When a new version is first released the Component Update Package for that version will always start at 1.0.0.  So this is basically the default value for Beta 8, v.

The "Date Applied" in this case would be the date version was installed.

2.  Did you and your wife install MBARW on different days?  Or apply the upgrade to the new version if you had been previously running an earlier beta?  This would account for the different dates.


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Hi.  No, I installed MWARW on the same day, actually the day the new version was released, in Sep 2016.

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Hello ingber:

FWIW - I did a "Clean Install" type of upgrade from MBARW Beta7 to Beta8, and my testing system shows the date/time accurate to the minute when I cold started my system just after the Beta8 upgrade.

Date	Time	Tick Count	Context Tag	Process ID	Thread ID	Function Name	File Name	Line Number	Log Level	Message
09/06/16	" 16:15:03.675"	350359	LogController	2018	0b58	CLogController::Start	"LogController.cpp"	85	INFO	"Started logging"



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