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Running Malwarebytes in CMD window

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No its not for business but just makes it easier for me to do this to my computers I guess I can run it on a schedule but would like to know how each computer I have is completed and able to send text message or email . would be great feature to add rather than using a automation program to do it for me.

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3 hours ago, johnnybor said:

I want to be able to run malwarebytes from a command line to open up and start a quick scan how would I do that, ?


1 hour ago, johnnybor said:

Is there a way to send results of a completed scan to email or text?


8 minutes ago, johnnybor said:

I agree but that was not my question. I guess I will try to find a answer elsewhere unless someone has more input on the question at hand, thanks

You were already given the ONLY and correct answer. The business version is the ONLY one that can give you the features you want. This is by DESIGN due to ABUSE of the home version in businesses.


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  • Root Admin

Hello @johnnybor

I'm sorry but at this time there is no support for any type of commandline use in the Consumer product. Both commandline support and mailing of logs is supported with the business version. There are no current plans to add such features to the Consumer version that I'm aware of. 

If you know scripting you can setup a script and something like Blat to email you the logs if you like.

Thank you again



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