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False Positive: Advanced System Care


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Ok i just tried to make a posting in your forums about a false positive. and it won't let me make a posting or a topic.

(I'm a 100% disabled and this took me a long time to do, my hands barely work and typing is really hard for me.)

Here is some of it. 

Last night i updated my Pro version of Malware Bytes, it ran a scan and it found a lot, Great job this was on my Wife system. Then it tagged advanced System Care and removed it Completely. This is a False Positive. I have Paid for versions of their Pro Versions and a lot of their software. I don't use their malware software, Only Malware bytes.

I have had to reinstall all of this on her system and it has hundreds of files and some reg files as well, to day i turned on my main system and it tagged it On my systems i have several systems. 

Three of the systems have paid versions of Advanced System Care for Iobit. And some of there other software. Even as i Type this in it is giving me False positives on advanced system care. and it won't let me tell it to ignore it as it brings up every file and reg. entry in the system. 100's of them. ( I can't tell it to ignore all of these ) This needs Fixed It also removes it from my system. I am a long time user and have a Lifetime membership of Malware Bytes.

Have put your product on hundreds of people system and taught them how to use it to protect themselves from the Ilk on the Net using your product. Have had this happen in the Past and reported it. Will report it to advanced system care's forums to so they can get it fixed on their end as well.

This needs fixed. as it takes any exe and labels it a Pup. this could really ruin a lot of peoples day, it has mine already as I've spent my entire day and i'm starting to get fed up with trying to get some help here. 

False Positives.txt

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