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Stop Quarantining Advanced SystemCare!!!


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I realize you guys were ripped off by IObit with them stealing your malware definitions and I've respected that by not purchasing their Malware Fighter product; however, that doesn't give Malwarebytes the right to target IObit's other programs that customers, like me, have legitimately paid for.

What they did was wrong! However, I have been a customer of theirs long before that happened and have been happy with their other software that I've been using for years.

Your determination to quarantine/remove these other programs from my computer is becoming obnoxious. I've told your Malwarebytes software to even ignore the IObit folder and it STILL tries to remove their software!

It appears from my perspective that even though you have a legitimate beef with them, you are taking things a bit too far!

I love Malwarebytes, but sadly you will lose a long time customer if this continues!

Go after IObit!...Sure, do that!...But DON'T put your customers in the middle of your feud and disdain for IObit!

Thank you.

Kind regards.

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