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BSOD Windows 10 Insider Preview

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I am also a Windows 10 Insider.

For weeks I thought I must have some kind of Rootkit, because of the BSOD issue. I purchased the complete Malwarebites package, just to deal with this.

Please make this issue public, so others won't have the weeks-long investigations, scans, and trouble-shooting that I did, and work with Microsoft to resolve it (as much as you can).

I think I accidentally got around the issue by running the Rootkit scan via Chameleon (https://www.malwarebytes.com/chameleon/), specifically the .scr "screen savers".  After I have finished running the current round of anti-virus/spyware/parasites/trojan/rootkit/PUPs/malware/whatever scans, I will try it again, and see if it works. Please test this, see if it also works for you, and get back to all of us.

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  • Root Admin

It is on our public forum so it is public knowledge.

If you're running the latest Windows 10 Insider Preview build 14492 then you will need to disable the MBAM Web Blocker and Rootkit scanner. Don't forget this is a "beta" build of Windows 10 that you signed up for. This is not released code from Microsoft and bugs like this are part of beta testing. Our program works as it's supposed to on the original release code of Windows 10. If you need MBAM to work with all it's features then you'll need to revert back to a release build of Windows 10 and not use the Insider Preview Builds.

Thank you


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Thank you @AdvancedSetup for your reply and information.

Surprisingly, I have no notification of a new update.

In all cases, thank you for the information. It is good to know that it is a bug and not anything terrible. I will report to Microsoft about this problem.

I will take follow the public forum in the future to make sure any future problems are actual problems, and not public knowledgeable issue, before posting a new topic.

Thank you again,


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