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Suspicious Activity with BSOD on MBAMSwissArmy.sys


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Helper 1PW suspected a malware has infected my laptop.

After updating latest Windows 10 update, I've been getting page fault BSOD with MBAMSwissArmy.sys.

I've tried full clean install, but it is still cause the BSOD.

I know the BSOD comes from a rootkit scan.


Additional info from my previous post

1PW suggested I start this post to get further help with approved tools to potentially eliminate the issue. I have already attached the Addition.txt and FRST.txt in this post.

I've also tried out GMER rootkit detector, but that seems to crash itself.

I am looking forward to working this out.

Thank you.




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Hello @pakhoi

You're running an Insider Preview version of Windows. Though you appear to be on an older version.

 Windows 10 Pro Insider Preview Version 1607


There is a known issue with the Web Blocker, and the Rootkit scanner on the latest Preview versions of Windows 10. Currently, you would need to disable the Web Blocker and the Rootkit scanner in order to use the other features of the program. Make sure you report the BSOD errors to Microsoft though to help them investigate the code on their end.

If you want full support of MBAM you'd need to revert back to a Release version of Windows 10


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Thank you @AdvancedSetup for your reply and information.

Surprisingly, I have no notification of a new update.

In all cases, thank you for the information. It is good to know that it is a bug and not anything terrible. I will report to Microsoft about this problem.

I will take follow the public forum in the future to make sure any future problems are actual problems, and not public knowledgeable issue, before posting a new topic.

Thank you again,


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