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Anti-Exploit doesn't Auto-Start since Windows updates


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I purchased Malwarebytes Anti-Exploit on October 3rd, and was issued a unique Key & ID.  When I first installed it, it worked perfectly, auto-starting as I expected it to the next morning. I shut down my PC at night to prevent malware virus "snoopers" from putting their PuP viruses on my PC.  Soon after installing my newly registered version of Anti-Exploit, Microsoft pushed thru updates, which caused my Anti-Exploit app to disappear. After finally getting a work-around from Malwarebytes ( a couple days later) to restart the application, several things occurred.

1. The application now shows an ID tag that is NOT my current registration ID.

2. The application no longer starts up automatically (it's not in the Windows Startup anymore). I have to manually start it.

3. I can't find any way to get it into the Windows Startup for automatic running, nor can I discover any way to correct the Registration ID.  I have deleted the entire program folder in the Windows Programs (X86) folder, but apparently the app is referencing some ID file in an APP data folder.  I'd appreciate some assistance to correct these problems, so the application works correctly. I'm afraid at this point it's not working correctly because of all these issues.

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Hello Bonniebeth,


There are some folders and registry entries that are sometimes not removed during a reinstall. Because of that, I want to have you do an uninstall like you did prior, but after you do that I want to have you run the clean tool we have from this post:




That will go through and clean any entry that is leftover that the normal un-installer didn't catch. Once you do that, re-install with the latest version you were using and activate it with the ID and key you were provided with. 


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