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Malwarebytes flags Spyhunter

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PUP = PUP detections are Potentially Unwanted Programs. Usually mean that the program comes bundled with some extra unwanted crap

PUP Reconsideration Information > https://www.malwarebytes.com/pup/

Anyway, why use SpyHunter when you have Malwarebytes? as far as i know spyhunter will only remove what it find if you buy it, Malwarebytes free remove all it find for free

you can upload and test suspicious file(s) here > virustotal.com / metadefender.com / jotti.org



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4 hours ago, Aura said:

Malwarebytes is now flagging SpyHunter products following a more aggressive stance against PUP.


If you read the link provided by @pondus, SpyHunter fits in many of the criterias listed, so it's only normal for it to be classified as such.


Thanks Aura for your reply and clarification. I still have a subscription with SpyHunter, but it will go off soon. I will be removing it soon.


At. Pedro

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No problem pplcunha, you're welcome :) Make sure that your subscription gets cancelled for real when you do, since there's been a lot of report in the past (and even today) of users still being charged by ESG for SpyHunter (partly the fault of their payment processor).

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