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Console applications all broken

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I have been working on various console programs for clients and servers. 

But when I booted up my pc this day and ran one of my console applications it did nothing. A waited for a while and suddenly this popped up:

Windows Error Reporting Message (WerFault.exe)

Also I looked into Task Manager for something weird and I did:

Modified conhost.exe

So I think that a virus corrupted the console host application and broke my whole PC. When pressing cancel the last thing that pops up is this:

Console Application Crash Error

But without the good conhost.exe I can't do anything on my PC. Any help is appreciated.

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Hello @RoDaBaFilms

That file did not exist at the time you provided the logs. It is also not a virus. If you upload it to virustotal.com they will scan the file for you. At most it's probably a batch file converted to an exe, but again. It was not there or the logs were edited to remove it being shown.

You can also do a repair install of Windows 7 to verify that all the Operating System files are valid.  

How to Do a Repair Install to Fix Windows 7

Is there anything else we can assist you with ?


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I found a copy of the original conhost.exe in a hidden folder inside of %temp% and found out that the other conhost.exe was not only for breaking console applications but also started at startup and infected other exe files, but the virus wasn't able to get access to those, so I'm very lucky

This virus should now be 100% off my system and my system is back to what is was.

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