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MWB Not auto launching + always requires admin privileges

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Hi everyone!

I just noticed that MWB hasn't been launching on windows startup. I did a fresh install of Windows and installed as per usual but it struck me a second ago that I haven't been seeing it in my notification area so when I went to run it I saw that it needs admin privileges. 

Initially I did a search to see what the problem was, I found another user who had the same problem with his not launching on start up and the solution was that his MBAMgui was set to run as admin only. I noticed I don't have the application mentioned in his case, but mbam requires admin too but when I went to change, it's not selected.

Does anyone have a solution to this?

Thanks :) 


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We will review the logs and get back to you, for future reference, they prefer you attach the logs directly here to this topic, simply by dragging and dropping the  log files to the section in the window that says Drag files here to attach, or choose files....  The normally don't like to use third party sites for these logs/files.


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I had the same problem with MBAM not starting with Windows, clean removal & reinstall didn't work fully  in that it worked but problem returned, I eventually noticed however  that the problem apparently returned after cleaning with CCleaner, after doing the clean removal/install I deselected Mawarebytes from the clean list & have had no further problems. I tested the cause by selecting MBAM in the list & cleaning, after restart MBAM no longer loaded on startup so imo this is at least one cause. 

Yes opening MBAM does give you the administrator request which at first I thought was the problem.

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@Doctor9fan, thanks for the bit of info, and strange that this happens on your computer.  I have many computers configured with CCleaner cleaning Malwarebytes Anti-Malware under Applications, and I do not encounter this issue on any of the computers...... food for thought

If I am not mistaken, CCleaner is only cleaning out log files however I just ran the tool and went to my C:\ProgramData\Malwarebytes\Malwarebytes Anti-Malware\Logs and there are still logs there so not sure what CCleaner is doing.

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Yes @Firefox it puzzled me for ages, I personally couldn't see how or why CCleaner would affect MBAM in this way. 

Either it's a co-incidence between CCleaner & MBAM including my test & the problem was rectified another way since I unticked MBAM under applications or in my case CCleaner was the problem. 

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