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How to detect if installed MBAE is CONSUMER or CORPORATE

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Introduction to Malwarebytes Anti-Exploit (MBAE) builds


1- The consumer build, when installed, defaults to MBAE Free which shields browsers and Java only. The rest of the shields, and the ability to add custom shields, is disabled. Users of MBAE Free can unlock MBAE Premium by purchasing a license key and entering the ID & Key using the "Activate" button.


2- The corporate build is included in both Malwarebytes Anti-Exploit for Business as well as Malwarebytes Endpoint Security. This build is different in that it includes mbae-cli.exe which is able to manage all aspects of MBAE remotely and locally via command-line interface. This mbae-cli.exe is the basis by which the Malwarebytes Management Console is able to manage remote endpoint MBAE clients. The same functionality provided by mbae-cli.exe can be used by third-party network management tools. Please refer to section 6 of the MBAE for Business Admin Guide for more information regarding mbae-cli.exe.


3- The experimental builds are public versions only distributed via the forum with the only purpose of testing new exploit mitigation techniques thoroughly before they are implemented into the consumer and corporate stable builds.



How to detect which version is installed on a specific computer?

There are various ways of detecting which build is installed, but the easiest and clearest way is to look at the version number. The version numbers are composed of 4 digits:

  1. Major version
  2. Minor version
  3. Build type
  4. Build number

The "build type" can be "1" (consumer), "2" (corporate) or "3" (experimental). Some examples:

  •    Version 1.03 of the consumer build
  •    Version 1.03 of the corporate build
  •    Version 1.03 of the experimental build


Where can find the version number?

The version number can be found in a variety of different places:

  1. The installer filename includes the version number, such as for example mbae-setup-
  2. Once installed, a file named version.txt which contains the installed version number is located in the installation directory (C:\Program Files\Malwarebytes Anti-Exploit).
  3. There is also a changelog.txt file located in the installation directory which also contains the installed version number.
  4. Opening the MBAE user interface by double-clicking on the traybar icon will also show the installed version number in the General tab.
  5. Finally in the logs directory there is a log file called mbae-service.log which shows the history of events and the history of installed MBAE versions on that specific endpoint. Section 9 of the MBAE Admin Guide includes more information for interpreting entries in the mbae-service.log.
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