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Someone From Sales Please Contact Me

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I've been trying for three days to download, test, possibly become a reseller, and test EndPoint Security without a callback. Extremely frustrating! Has anyone else had this kind of hassle. I'm not bit##ing, I just don't understand the hassle when someone wants to purchase a product and sales will not call back. I live in Austin Texas, close to becoming (if not already) the next silicon valley / tech capital and I can't get someone in sales to contact me. I've also run a IT business for 15 years. 

PLEASE HELP :-) Thank you. 

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Hello @WORKS2016 and :welcome:

I'm sorry to hear that you've been having issues contacting our Sales department. Please ensure that your Junk/Spam folders in email do not possibly have a reply.

I'll contact someone from sales and point them in your direction.

Thank you

Ron Lewis


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Hi and thank you. Please understand my post is meant in a constructive way :-) I've used your products to clean infected workstations for years and believe in it 100%. I also support a large number of law firms which seem to be under (greater) attacks these days. I'm moving into a proactive approach past AV only and looking to add Malwarebytes Business. Thank you!!!

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  • Root Admin

Understood. I've sent an email off to a couple of Sales managers. It's late evening so I would not expect a reply from anyone until tomorrow. Based on your email address I looked up your website and also provided that contact information as well for our Sales Team just in case.

If you've not heard something back from someone by tomorrow afternoon though, please do let me know.

Thank you again



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Just heard from a representative in so many words saying the channel sales managers workload or schedule is too busy. My option is too wait. I asked to speak with her manager.

In this day with all the collaboration tools find this saddening and unprofessional. What a way to start a relationship and on my behalf this is all meant constructively. I'm certain anyone looking to make a purchase and learn about a product does not find this appropriate. 

Thank you. 

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