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Not sure where to put this, I need a bit of help with the after effects of Tesla Crypt


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Hi Everyone,

A few months back my friend's father got some version of the TeslaCrypt ransomware,

He ended up paying the money, Long story short, he got the decryption program and it decrypted most files but although the original file extensions are showing and the files are opening in some programs, almost all the files are still being recgonised as .mp3 files, some open in their respective program, some don't. Does anyone have any idea how I would fix that? What has worked for some, primary microsoft office files, is opening them in Word/Excel and saving as .doc again and the new saved files lose the .mp3 properties, but some programs won't open their old files, a bit lost on what to do




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Hi OneHM :)

You can reset the default file association for many of your programs via Control Panel -> Programs and Features -> Default Programs -> Configure Default Programs. From there, select each one and click on the "Define this program as default". For the rest of the file extensions which cannot be associated with a program there, simply go back and choose "Associate a file extension or protocol to a program" and manually select which program you want for an extension.

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Excellent advice by @Aura above.

Also in the example you provided above, you can click on the change button.jpg button

Once there choose the program you want to open the type of file you have selected, in this case Microsoft Word, if given the option to Always use the selected program to open this kind of file, place a check mark there and then click OK.

open with options.jpg

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