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License failed to activate


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Hello everyone ! I installed Malwarebytes Anti-Ransomware Windows 7 ultimate. The previous version of Anti-Ransomware worked well until he did not ask the update. The new version of the program has been uninstalled and then installed. It appears a license of failure. Can you help me ? I deleted the folders of the program and made cleaner. The problem is the same. Thank you !!!


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Hello Pinosempreverde and :welcome:

Though a somewhat similar procedure may have already been undertaken, please follow the instructions below to the best of your abilities:

Rather than a simple re-install of MBARW Beta8, please consider the following clean install of MBARW Beta8 (v0.9.17.661):

1. Close all open user applications followed by a conventional Windows based uninstall of Malwarebytes Anti-Ransomware through the Windows system Control Panel.  This step may not be possible if a previous Beta was uninstalled.
2. If MBARW Beta7 and/or Beta8 was/had been uninstalled successfully, the following sub-directories will have been deleted from a typical Windows 7 x64 system:
                                             "%ProgramData%\Malwarebytes Anti-Ransomware\"

3. If any of the above directories remain, please delete them manually.  If necessary, any remaining/uninstalled directory must be deleted in the Windows Safe mode.
4. Execute a conventional Windows restart to the Normal Windows boot mode and log-in through an Administrator's account. <===IMPORTANT!
5. Using an Administrator's account only, download a fresh MBARW_Setup.exe file and save to the Administrator's Desktop from the New version - BETA 8 - now available! topic.
6. Right-click the saved MBARW_Setup.exe file and left-click RunAsAdmin.jpg  Run as administrator from the context menu and continue.
7. Upon a successful installation, please restart the computer in a conventional manner to the Windows Normal boot mode.  If the previous or new issue is discovered, please do not take any further action but report the symptoms in this topic.

Please reply to your topic with the status of your original reported issue.  Thank you for beta testing MBARW and your valued feedback.

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Thanks for your reply and for your professionalism.

I ran your instructions: I deleted the old files with Windows Safe Mode, then I with normal windows I installed Malwarebytes Anti-ransomware as administrator. It appears the same failure message. I enclose the MalwarebytesARW folder. Thanks again for the answer that you give me.



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Hello Pinosempreverde:

For the free embedded MBARW Beta8 license to activate, and normal subsequent operations, a permanent path must exist between the MBARW Beta8 program, its files, and any URLs within the following Internet domain names:

                        mwbsys.com  and  malwarebytes.com

Please ensure that if any sort of proxy setting, HOSTS file entry, web filter/third party firewall applications are in use, that the above are regarded as Trusted.

A 3rd party security application may require the following permanent file exclusion:


Please update this topic with your system's status.  Thank you again for participating in the MBARW Beta testing program and your valued feedback.

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If you are trying to install Malwarebytes Anti-Ransomware on workstations of a corporate network environment, you need to release on the Firewall / Proxy (network appliance) the following IP addresses:


- Ports: 80 and 443

It corrected the application activation problem and starts Real-Time Protection normally!!!

NOTE: Also check that the Windows Firewall is configured to release the following executables:

- MB3Service.exe (Malwarebytes AntiRansomware Service)

- mbarw.exe (Malwarebytes AntiRansomware Application)

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  • Root Admin

Hello @Allex and :welcome:

Thank you for your input but using IP instead of name resolution and using port 80 is not a preferred method. That will prevent automatic round-robin scripts from locating the best and fastest server to serve up updates. Please refer to: https://www.malwarebytes.com/pdf/guides/AntiRansomwareAdminGuide.pdf - Page 2 - External Access Requirements.

Thank you.


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So sorry,

I just tried to help the people in this forum!

I rate the Malwarebytes Anti-Ransomware tool as essential to the functioning of our network environment. Once the ransomwares attacks increased sharply in recent times.

We have a Endian Firewall (UTM Software) as a Front End in our environment and the way we found to do the Malwarebytes Anti-Ransomware works properly, was to release of IPs in our Network Appliance.

I apologize for the inconvenience and for my english (I'm from Brazil).

Thank you in advance for any other solution!

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