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planetdrugsdirect.com blocked


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In addition to blocking malware, we also block scams (phishing etc.) as well as certain types of websites which host content which presents a risk/potential risk to the user, including some which may or may not be illegal.  I suspect (though I do not know for certain as I do not work for the Research team) that the latter is the case here; basically that the content of the page might be illegitimate/illegal (though again, I'm not certain on this point) and/or the site might present a risk/potential risk to the user.  I know that we do in fact block many fake pharma websites and it is possible that this one is blocked for similar reasons, though again, I do not know for certain.

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Put simply;

1. This is not an F/P. The site is selling prescription drugs to countries it is not legally allowed to do so.

2. Legit pharmaceutical DO NOT hide their registration data

As for the Marketwire snippet/link you posted, I've heard nothing about that.

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