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planetdrugsdirect.com blocked


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In a recent thread in the False Positive forum, a Malwarebytes customer was told the reason a site was being blocked was because:


planetdrugsdirect.com appears to be out of compliance with state and federal laws or NABP patient safety and pharmacy practice standards. planetdrugsdirect.com is blacklisted at: http://www.nabp.net/programs/consumer-protection/buying-medicineonline/not-recommended-sites/

From the blacklisted link above, NABP's "blacklist" is a little wider than stated.  The actual current quote is:


Not Recommended Sites are those Internet drug outlets that appear to be out of compliance with state and federal laws or NABP patient safety and pharmacy practice standards, or sites that link to or refer patients to such sites, or sites that facilitate the dispensing of prescription medications in violation of state or federal law.

Yet CIPA.com and PharmacyChecker.com give this site, high ratings for patient safety and pharmacy practice standards.  Why the difference?  Because NABP puts all non-US mail-order pharmacies on its "blacklist" while the other two focus their ratings on patient safety, pharmacy practice standards and customer satisfaction.

Malwarebytes appears to have chosen to use NABP's "Not Recommend Sites" list to block access to them.

Note that none of these three private industry organizations have legal authority to regulate anything.  

And none of them claim that their ratings have anything to do with malware. So it's unclear to me why Malwarebytes is saying "Malicious Website Blocked".  Also is Malwarebytes also blocking these sites for Canadian citizens?



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Dear DanZ,

Could you update MBAM and check whether it is still blocked? I have no problem visisting the site

Edit: the website blocker of MBAM was failing on my machine, the website is now blocked for me as well.


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5 minutes ago, PaulAllen said:

My security blocks it and shows a fake certificate as well as mentioning several other things related to the server it is hosted on.

thawte DV SSL CA - G2 ==> www.planetdrugsdirect.com 

The Certificate chain is Verified

I don't see a Fake Certificate.


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The only reason for sites like CIPA.com and PharmacyChecker.com is to weed out those fake/bad-drug sites.  They have their own blacklists too.  But they don't include reputable pharmacies that sell indentical drugs to U.S. citizens which can cost 10x as much if bought from a U.S. pharmacy.


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While Pharmaceuticals are expensive and a particular "medicine" may have an extremely broad price-range, they are a Human ingested or applied quantity.

One must steer away from these online sites until they are fully vetted.  3rd party reputation web sites and companies may or may not have a disclosed or undisclosed association with the pharmaceutical sales site.

One must also be aware of an influx of;  South American, Chinese and Indian "knock-off" pharmaceuticals and these 3rd party pharmaceuticals sale web sites, who strive for "cheap pricing", fall victim to these pharmaceutical "knock-offs" at a higher rate then traditional pharmacies.

I know exactly how it is.  Below are samples pharma products which are highly available and whose generics are equal to their name brands.  However price gouging is prevalent.

I have seen Diphenhydramine HCL 25mg sold as high as high as $0.25 USD per unit and as low as $0.018 USD per unit.  It all depends on whether you buy volume or if you buy portable "blister packs".  The brick & mortar pharmacies even take advantage of this very inexpensive pharmaceutical and put their name on the package but still artificially inflate the price to that just below the name brand.  The name brand is Benadryl

I have seen Povidone Iodine sell for $4.75 USD for 16 fl. oz and as much as $20.00 USD for 8 fl. oz..  The name brand is Betadine

This requires being a savvy consumer.  It does not mean that you should go willy-nilly looking for pharma web sites that can very well put your health at-risk.


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Here's a parody that may clarify my objection to blocking sites based on NABP's (self-serving) blacklist:

Marketwire Press Release

Today, Hewlett-Packard announced a new program to protect printer customers from Internet printer websites that sell sub par HP Printer replacement cartridges. HP Printers are developed in parallel with genuine HP Printer Cartridges to provide the optimal mix of reliability, quality, service and price. Customers are being mislead by distributors of inferior printer cartridges. These distributors try to sell cartridges that are good-enough.  In some cases these sellers actually assert that their inferior products are equivalent to genuine HP Printer Cartridges.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  

HP has collaborated with key HP Business Partners to form the Printer Cartridge Quality Accreditation Board (PCQAB) which will assist HP Printer customers in avoiding cartridges that are not optimal for HP Printers.  The Board has worked with leading malware protection companies to block websites that appear to be out of compliance with state and federal laws or PCQAB compatibility and reliability standards, or sites that link to or refer HP Printer customers to such sites.  HP Printer customers will soon enjoy a procurement environment which is much safer and more effective.

Hewlett-Packard is proud to announce, that Malwarebytes has recently joined the PCQAB, and will be blocking websites that do not conform to the PCQAB's rigorous standards and distribution requirements. A Malwarebytes spokesman said that this is a win-win evolution for industry and our valued customers. HP, Malwarebytes, our Business Partners, and most importantly our Customers, all win with this announcement.


Elsewhere, on Reddit, a massive thread has erupted about "Malwarebytes Becomes HP's Chief Website Censor."


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David - OK.  But the issue I tried to raise was very specific.  Why are websites being blocked based on the NABP blacklist.

I personally think that having Malwarebytes block all prescription selling websites would be a major, and unwelcome, change of direction.  So if not all, which?

To me the answer is these sites should be treated by Malwarebytes like any other.  If they have malware, or a history of it, block them.  If not, don't.

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Please let's not become adversaries.  I think I fully understood your point about online drug purchases - that they can be risky, even dangerous, and occasionally VERY DANGEROUS.

There is something you probably don't know.  I originally posted on the False Positive forum and an Administrator (Ron) suggested I move my questions to a general forum, where the FP rules did not apply (on the FP forum, users are prevented from replying directly to other users so that the responses only come vetted, and official, posters).

So an honest question:  What do you think is the best way for Malwarebytes to handle this? 

I'm not trying to put you on the spot.  A very valid answer might be some version of - I really don't care.  Or you could have a firm specific opinion on using NABP's blacklist.  Or you could start your own topic.  Or ...

I honestly do not want this topic to degenerate into a war of words with any one.



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Since I do not know all the qualifications on the reason(s) for the web blockage, I side with Malwarebytes.  Especially if one can not make a case that ALL the pharma sales sites are blocked. 

Individuals are able to make an exception on any site they wish which negates the IP/Domain from being blocked.


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OK, I may have read the other reasons, but cannot recall them, and was not able to find the answer with a simple google search.

Can you point to, or help me find all of the reasons why a website is blocked?

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