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Anti-Exploit not notifying protection & Log file stopped

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My Anti-Exploit is no longer notifying me that it is protecting my browser.

Each time I would open a browser for the first time, I would receive a message on Windows 10 that it is now protecting my browser - Chrome, Firefox and Edge.

Additionally, in Log tab it shows each date and time Anti-Exploit started and for which browser... For example: Mozilla Firefox (an add-ons) is now protected.

There was an entry like this for each and every day and for each browser I opened but... this all has stopped on 09/23/2016 and nothing on my PC changed.

The program says that it is running but again... there is no longer a notification upon the first open of a browser nor is there an entry in the Log file stating the protection started.

Because of this previous experience of reassurance of active protection through the notices and Log files; I now do not know if I am being protected regardless that program box says Running in the General tab.

Please help,


Log Stopped.PNG


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Thanks Ron,

It has starting working again but I have now reason for it. 

Here below is a capture of the Settings tab as requested and I will compile the log file as well after work today and get that to you also.

Thank you for your swift reply and willingness to help!


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Thanks Ron.

I hope it was just a fluke with something internal with Windows 10...

If it wasn't for the Anti-Exploit popup normally notifying, I wouldn't have been aware it wasn't active during those few days.

If the log can be helpful to figure out this past occurrence now while AE is presently active; I will get it to you after work.

Thanks Again Ron.

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Hello Bonvant,


That is exactly what I needed, thank you. Do you know when approximately it occurred? For example, was it right when you collected these logs? I ask because I notice the protection is actually working in the background. However, I am seeing chrome entries a lot of the time. Is chrome the main browser you are seeing do this? 

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Yes Ron,

This Zip was collected right when the problem reoccurred again on Saturday 09/24/19.

The problem (when it occurs) happens with all browsers... 

I do use Chrome as primary but I also use Firefox daily; just not as frequent.

Additionally, when I became aware of the issue, I opened Edge and the problem occurred with it as well.

So to restate what occurs so that it is all included within this message:

Each time I opened a browser for the first session, Anti-Exploit (AE) displayed a popup saying it was now active for that browser and an entry in the AE Logs Tab confirmed the browser was now protected.

Both the popup and the Logs entry did not occur on the 24th of Sept... that is when I first reached out for help. 

The following day it worked as usual and then stopped working again on the 27th of Sept when I collect the Zip of files requested.

My main concern really is whether my browsers are protected when there is no Logs entry saying so.

The AE popup was just a nice added feature that let me know right away that it was active as soon as I open that browsers session for the first time.

I hope I explained that well.

I do also have a subscription of Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Home Premium that actively runs at startup. 

Please let me know if any additional info can help and thank you for looking into this for me Ron.

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Hello Bonvant,


Understood. Well it is protecting you based on what I am seeing in the logs. However, just to be sure that that what I am seeing in the logs is correct, I want to have you use our test tool. Our test tool will check to see if the protection is working. I want to verify that 100% first to confirm it is working before we tackle the message not showing up:




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Okay Ron,

If I am understanding you correctly on this one point...

Even though there is no Logs Tab entry on Sept 24 and again on Sept 27 - the Logs files Zip I sent you still shows that MBAE was still in fact protecting my Google Chrome browser and Firefox browser as well on those two dates?

I understand that you are advising more testing for assurance, but I just want to make sure I understood that part of your reply.

Please let me know and thanks again!


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Hello Bonvant,


That is correct. In the log I was looking into, it was showing the protection was starting and stopping when a program was opened and closed as normal. So in that log I didn't see anything wrong that it was reporting to me. So the test with the tool is just to confirm that it is truly the case. 

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Okay great, Thanks Ron.

So at least we know now that there is an issue... at least in discrepancies that can occur between the internal log in the directory files showing protection on Sept 24th & Sept 27 but not showing a protection conformation message in the visible customer Logs Tab for those same dates of Sept 24th and Sept 27. 

I understand that I might still be protected even though there seems to be something faulty in the customer Logs Tab at least on my system.

Baring that issue...

I will keep an eye on this for a while before I run the test exploit and see if this issue happens again on my system. I just installed MBAE on 09/18/16 so hopefully this issue will not reoccur. 

Thanks again Ron.


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