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SeekDroid false positive?

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Over last few days Malwarebytes appears to have begun reporting the SeekDroid app on my Android mobile phone as malware.


Can you confirm whether this is a legitimate piece of malware of part of my SeekDroid app? I'm aware of the SeekDroid remote administration component and don't wish to disable it.

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Can you confirm whether this is a legitimate piece of malware 

A legit pice of malware ! .... hmmm what is that?


It is detected as PUP = Potentially Unwanted Programs  >  https://support.malwarebytes.com/customer/portal/articles/1834873-what-are-pup-detections-are-they-threats-and-should-they-be-deleted-?b_id=6438

PUP Reconsideration Information  >  https://www.malwarebytes.com/pup/


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Let me rephrase that. SeekDroid is a valid application that contains a remote administration feature by design. It enables you to wipe your phone (among other things) remotely should it be lost or stolen. It is well respected and trusted product.

What I'm looking to validate is whether the .apk that was found was actually part of the SeekDroid product or something posing as it. If It was the SeekDroid product then I intend to recommend to them that they submit their application to the Malwarebytes review process.

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Hi Copper Penny,

Seek Droid and other apps similar to this are classified as PUPs because they can be used to spy or stalk a user without their knowledge. We think it is important to notify our customers that these monitoring type apps are installed.

If you knowingly installed and use Seek Droid you can whitelist so MBAMM ignores.



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