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JRT not creating restore point

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ErrorFixer,  my computer, which runs W 10 also updated today.  and after reading your post I downloaded and ran the new version of JRT.  No problems here, it created the restore point and ran fine.  My one suggestion would be to download a new version of JRT from the MB's site and give the new one a try.  

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Hey guys! I've recently started using a Windows 10 laptop and it's been having issues with JRT's "validating restore point".  Until a Microsoft update installed "KB4023057" (a program to help Win10 build 1607 run better), JRT ran fine.


Turns out you don't need to rewrite the entire program.  If you simply rename the .EXE file before running it, JRT won't flag on KB4023057's "Forbidden" list.


Other cleaning programs have been having this kind of issue as well, due to TDSS rootkits being developed with that ability.  So if you're having trouble running anything, just right-click the icon, select "Rename", and rename the file to something else.


Hope this helps.  BTW, KB4023057 does help my laptop run better, but knowing it's a TDSS-class friendly isn't very comforting.  So I need to look more into that, because the stories I've read about it don't add up.

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