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Accidentally Bought 2

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Dear Malwarebytes,


I accidentally bought two copies of Malwarebytes but I only needed one. The website charged me twice because when I tried to enter my card info into the website it said it didn't validate it or something or it didn't work, took me back to the part where I enter the info, and I reentered it, now being charged the second time. Fast forward 2 weeks and now I get my bill and it says I bought 2 copies even though I thought I only bought 1 ( the first time was when the website said it didn't go through). I would like a refund since I don't need this second copy. Thank you for your product and I hope you consider giving me a refund.




Huadi (last name removed for privacy purposes, will follow up with Customer Success)

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Hello Ninjaguy2000FTW, 

In order for us to help you with your refund request, you need to submit a support case with the specifics of your purchase.

Cleverbridge Reference #
email address used for the purchase
license information
If you did not purchase the product from our website, you need to provide proof of purchase that clearly shows the product name, where purchased, full license info.

Do NOT include any credit card numbers.

Send your email to: support@malwarebytes.com and our Malwarebytes Customer Success! staff will be happy to help you.


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