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[RESOLVED] Cannot delete multiple attachments at once


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12 hours ago, Aura said:

Is it me or the new IPS doesn't let us delete multiple attachments at once? Before it was working with checkboxes so you could check them and delete the selection, but now it seems to be one by one (which could be long if you have a lot of them).

I'm seeing the same thing. Do you recall when this changed?


5 hours ago, David H. Lipman said:

We have gone OT.



I want to know why the Delete function is no longer available in "My Attachments" within my Profile.



@David H. Lipman - looping you in on this... in the ACP, this feature is disabled for the entire Expert group. We did have this enabled for this group, right?

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1 minute ago, David H. Lipman said:

Y E S  !!!

That's why I wrote "..Delete function is no longer available...".

I used it some weeks back.


Sorry, should have include a </I'm not going crazy, right?> tag. :) We're constantly double-checking ACP stuff with each other as we've found quite a few settings adjusted and no one from our team did anything. In fact, we saw one issue happen multiple in a row with three of us checking each other's work at the same time.

Try it now.

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Another member in "Trusted Advisors"  indicated it was missing.

I had used that capability just a few weeks back or so.  Therefore the change was relatively recent.


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4 hours ago, Aura said:

It wasn't disabled for the Trusted Advisors group, since I could see the garbage icon. And @msherwood, I only know that this feature was available in IPS3, no idea on which version of IPS4 it stopped appearing. Didn't check before today.


It was disabled when I viewed it last night. You had it from your permissions under the Malware Hunters group.

3 hours ago, Aura said:

It was working for me yesterday when I reported the issue, unless my Malware Hunter group had anything to do with it, but I doubt since you're part of it as well.

@David H. Lipman isn't part of this group.

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  • celee changed the title to [RESOLVED] Cannot delete multiple attachments at once

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