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How do I delete my old attachements


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Hi. Yes, this is messy.

David, you are smart. I have had database update issues since 8/29 and worked them with Tech Support, Daledoc1 & AdvancedRepair.  There are 3 newer posts I saw today about not be able to update. My exact problem. I did everything they asked the earliest member post to do and it they are still stumped. I asked the Tech (where I have an open case & has no idea what to do because my logs look fine) to escalate this case. No reply.

I did a clean MBAM install, got a new McAfee version on 9/6, all my logs are spotless. The protection logs (the ones that disappeared) show the Update failures. You cannot manually update at all, but If you set automatic scheduler to 'Realtime', you get a 50/50 chance of an update. My protection logs showed the failures in all the databases whether it is manual or from the scheduler. I tried to install MBAR & get a 'Host Failure' when updating.

I run MBAM Check every morning to be sure all services are running. My protection logs before 9/15 vanished and yesterday, on my other PC, created a null log even though it updated to the latest version in Realtime.

My ISP (I know an engineer there) confirms no firmware updates since 8/29 would cause a timeout. McAfee says its because of MBAM Win10 upgrades (I'm Win7). Since I use a license from my husband's company, I have to call to report the problem & they give me instructions with a new serial number for clean install. It takes forever. I want to wait to see if it resolves before I repeat this process. 

I have disabled McAfee with no luck manually checking for updates in MBAM. I tried in Safe Mode with networking. Still cannot manually update. I did some snooping in the Traffic Analysis & saw the same port number for McAfee & MBAM. Could that be the problem? 

Do you know how to compile the posts on this issue so somebody in MB engineering can see a pattern?


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More than likely I or another Administrator would need to remove any posts you want removed.

As for stumped, that's not exactly correct. I've asked you to fully remove McAfee and use their cleanup tool to ensure McAfee is off of the computer. You say that you would need to contact McAfee support and get a new install ID. It has now been a week and you've not contacted McAfee for a new install ID and have not removed McAfee either. Just like we sometimes ask for a clean removal and reinstall of our software, doing the same for McAfee has fixed hundreds of computers. Corruptions or conflicts sometimes happen and a clean removal many times can help in those situations.

When you're ready, please fully remove McAfee, download their tool I linked you to. Then do the clean removal and reinstall of MBAM (while there is no McAfee on the computer) and let me know how it's working.

The complexity of finding, preventing, and cleanup from malware



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Thank you for your knowledge.  This license (part of a 3 device bundle) was purchased at an employee discount website owned & maintained by my husband's company. I got it when I bought with my PC on this website; it was a special offer.  We also purchased Microsoft Excel & Word for about $10. My McAfee license is neither a corporate license nor is it used on a company computer. This excellent employee benefit can get you discounted productivity tools as well as Restaurant.com certificates and Kate Spade handbags.  I resent your comment and appreciate you not offer any more feedback. 

Thank you,




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7 minutes ago, BBK said:

I resent your comment and appreciate you not offer any more feedback. 

If you notice I had already redacted my post before you made your comment.. @AdvancedSetup will be able to help you so stick with it and follow his direction. Best wishes to you with your computer issues.

@AdvancedSetup could you move this topic over to the malware section so us uninvited guests don't rain on the parade.

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