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process handles ?


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A new idea for "process handles Feature" which should be built-in mbam version 3 ? this Feature will helps a user to auto Terminate/kill a rogue’s scammer malware process without taken any action by the users

so if someone have hit with this rogue scammer then mbam v3 should be to looking and scanning first for "A rogue process/A rogue startup Elements" and then mbam should kill any of it ?

This idea because some novice users they do not know how to deal with such issue and it will be easy for users to let mbam to do it for him .... see this topic


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Chameleon actually already does this as part of its routine prior to scanning the system for malware.  It checks all running processes and terminates any it identifies as malicious.  The actual MBAM scan handles detecting and removing the actual files along with their loading points which might exist in one or more of the system's startup locations.

The issue with the infection you link to above is that until the user terminates that process which is displaying that message box/warning screen, the user can't get to Malwarebytes Anti-Malware to run it so adding anything to MBAM to allow it to kill processes wouldn't do any good in cases like this because you'd still need to bring up Task Manager to kill the malicious process/block screen in order to access Malwarebytes Anti-Malware and get it running.

Of course for Premium users with protection enabled, MBAM should block the threat from installing/launching into memory in the first place so those users wouldn't need any special procedure or instructions to deal with the threat as MBAM would take care of it on its own, removing the file(s) from the system and placing them in quarantine.

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